Exploring the Midwest and beyond...

We're here to show the amazing adventures and places that everyone can go and do. How to do it all the right (and smart) way. Not only here in the Ozarks, but anywhere in the world, because anywhere is possible for anyone, it’s just a matter of getting out and doing it.

I invite you to join us as we find the coolest places to hike, float, camp, and drive to share with you. We’ll get lost. Fall down. Tip over. Freeze until we can’t feel our fingers and sweat buckets. How to’s, adventure recaps, routes and other information, news, you’ll find it all here at Ozark Mountain Overland as we explore the Midwest and beyond from here in the Ozark Mountains. 

Our Team


Logan Bohannon

Logan is the founder and owner of Ozark Mountain Overland. His hometown is Ozark, Missouri and he attends Maryville University in St. Louis. Born and raised in the Ozarks, he grew to love the outdoors from a young age. He's hooked on this whole overlanding thing, and also (somewhat unfortunately) on Ford Explorers. When he's not out hiking, running, floating, or wheelin' you'll find him writing very adequate blogs for you to enjoy. 

Bri Pinkston

Bri is from Ozark, Missouri and attends University of Missouri in Columbia. She enjoys tagging along on crazy adventures and capturing bomb photos, as well as taking in all of the pretty things that God created in nature. She hopes to one day be "one of the boys" and master the art of peeing in the outdoors. 


Noah Palazza 

Noah is also from Ozark, Missouri and attends University of Missouri as well. Noah is rarely caught wearing a sufficient amount of clothing or without a camera. In his free time (all of the time) he enjoys making videos and chasing fame. He is Logan's self proclaimed "#1 camping/hiking buddy for all eternity since day one."