Our Trip up the North Shore was a Failure and Still Rocked

-16℉. That’s what the temperature was outside as we blasted north on a snowy I-35 at 6:00 AM on January 1st, 2019. Noah rode shotgun next to me, both of us sinking into our heated leather seats as See the World by Caamp played. Payton, Bri, and Carter all slept in the back, covered in several dozen layers of blankets and pillows. We’ve all seen a lot of the world together, especially when you consider that only one of us is old enough to legally buy a beer, and today we were ready to see some new places.

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Logan BohannonComment
Part II: Camping in the Winter Sucks! (Colorado does not!)

Getting back to civilization after being out in the wilderness is always a bit of a relief to me for some reason. I can’t tell you exactly why, I’d much rather prefer to be driving on a dirt trail with no one around for miles, but after a while it’s nice to have the ability to replenish your resources and like, use a real bathroom...

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Welcome to Ozark Mountain Overland

As I was growing up, my dad would take my brother, sister, and I camping for a few days every summer. My dad loves camping, hiking, floating, the outdoors. We would head down to the Buffalo, camp along the river, and go hiking at spots like Hemmed in Hollow and Lost Valley. We would throw some kayaks on top of our Saturn Outlook and do whatever portion of the river was high enough to float in the middle of the summer.

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