Bri's Nine Foot Pictures Taken in Seven Hours, Ranked

As usual after going on a trip somewhere together, we all share photos we took with one another upon our return. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes a while for some of us (Bri) to get those pictures sent out (Yes, I'm grateful for you sharing them regardless of when I get them Bri.) 

This week, Bri shared with me her photos from our Colorado Trip (which you can read part one of here.) I had class on this particular morning, and killed time by going through them several times. They were good pictures! 

However, maybe the second or third time going through them, I noticed a, trend(?), I guess you would call it. It seemed that there were either duplicates or just a whole dang bunch of pictures that she had taken of her feet. Like at every stop we took on our second day. 

So I added them all up. There were nine. Nine pictures of the same feet wearing the same pair of boots taken in seven hours. Here they are ranked, from worst to best.  

9. 10:01 A.M. -At our campsite


The worst of our selection here is also the first picture we get from the day. Not sure what the point of this one is. Just some dead grass and a stick. 

8. 1:10 P.M. -Treasure Falls  


Nasty ice. Unlevel footing/weird angle. Barely can even see feet. Poor lighting.

7. 4:49 P.M. -Zaptata Falls


Slightly better lighting, especially for a cave. Not a huge fan of that rock stickin up. I feel like we're really far away from the feet here too. Like it's slightly deceiving of Bri's actual height. 

6. 10:38 A.M. -Williams Creek Reservoir 


As you'll see here in a minute, what's really holding this one back to #6 is Bri's filthy white glove. I shouldn't have to look at that any more than I already did on this trip. 

5. 10:27 A.M. -Williams Creek Reservoir


I've gotta admit, numbers four and five on this list are close. Really close. Ultimately just not much of a fan of all the messed up snow in this one.  

4. 10:26 A.M. -Williams Creek Reservoir


This one ultimately got the nod over #5 because of the better snow aesthetic and lighting. *nods*

3. 12:43 P.M. -Treasure Falls 


Whoa! Look at that hole! Be careful Bri, that hole could swallow your feet up whole! 

2. 10:38 A.M. -Williams Creek Reservoir


About as solid as it gets. (Get it cuz the water is solid ha) Good lighting. Good spacing. 9/14. 

1. 10:40 A.M. -Williams Creek Reservoir


Very good location here in our top spot. What is that even, likea, ice fishing hole? Good stuff. I'll let the slightly off positioning of the right foot slide. Location is the game of the name my friends.