You won’t be finding any fancy 70 grand trucks here at OMO. Our primary adventure rig is a 2003 Ford Explorer owned and built by Logan for a total of roughly $6,000. You'll also see a blue second gen Explorer Sport (formerly a farm truck) join in on shorter adventures. Team member Evan’s bright yellow 2007 JKU has tagged along on a trip with us as well. What you’ll see us driving here are honest, slightly unconventional rigs that are used hard and get the job done. 


Ya don’t need buckets of money to overland
— Joe Ambs, Maryland Overland Founder

2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer “Dudley” 

Dudley is the pride and joy of OMO founder Logan, and is one of the few Explorers of any generation you’ll see doing serious overlanding. This truck has seen over 25,000 miles of travel in just one year. From countless day trips in the deep hills of Missouri and Arkansas, a seven day sprint from Missouri to Oregon and back, an ill advised winter camping trip to Colorado, and an awesome trek to Overland Expo West accompanied with some great adventure in Arizona and Colorado, this truck has just about seen it all. Did we mention it does DD duty as well? Read more about Dudley here and keep an eye out for more mods and plans for this truck.  



2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited “Big Bird”

Big Bird belongs to Arizona team member Evan. The JKU Sport sits stock besides a set of 255/17 KO2’s. A good set of tires combined with the legendary off-roading capability of the Wrangler means this rig can tackle most anything we throw at it. If you want to see more of this truck and what a stock Jeep is capable of, check out our 2018 AZ/CO trip.





1998 Ford Explorer Sport

This thing. We can’t tell you the whole story behind this truck yet, but it’s worth noting that it exists in case you see it on our Instagram or an occasional story here. You may see it a lot more in the future. Or not. Who knowwwwwws.